Sadza/Bogobe/Pap/Ugali (Stiff Porridge)

Recipe Description

Stiff porridge is made in the same way as thin porridge but greater proportion of meal is used. The same comments about the flour used for thin porridge apply here. In some countries a finely milled flour is used; whereas, in others a coarsely milled flour or a combination of course and fine flour is preferred. The flour may be made from roasted, germinated, fermented and / or dehulled grains. As is the case for thin porridge, stiff porridge may be made from a combination of sorghum and pearl millet meal.


  • 20 g sorghum / pearl millet meal
  • 80 g (80 ml) water


  1. Heat the 80 ml water in a covered container (pot) until warm. Add a little sorghum / pearl millet meal to the warm water and stir continuously to avoid lumps, until boiling point. Let the thin porridge boil for 10 - 15min. Add some more sorghum/pearl millet meal, a bit at a time, while continuing to stir until the porridge becomes thick. Simmer under low heat for 10 - 15min for sorghum and 20 - 25min for pearl millet. Serve hot with meat, green vegetables or stew for lunch or supper.
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