Chocolate-covered Easter Eggs

Recipe Description

* Yield: approx 2 doz small eggs


  • 2 lbs powdered sugar|confectioners' sugar
  • 1 stick margarine|oleo
  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • ==
  • 1 pkg. chocolate chips
  • 1 cake paraffin wax


  1. Soften oleo.
  2. Cream together oleo and cream cheese.
  3. Add confectioners' sugar and any additional flavorings.
  4. Shape into eggs.
  5. Place on cookie sheet lined with waxed paper.
  6. Chill in refrigerator at least 2 hrs or overnight.
  7. Coat with chocolate.
  8. Melt together in top of double boiler.
  9. Dip eggs into chocolate mixture to coat.
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