Blood Sausage Recipe

Recipe Description

Blood and barley sausage, similar to what the English diplomatically call 'black pudding' due to its colour. In Estonia, this is traditional Christmas food, and is served with a red, berry jam.
An older tradition of Estonians was to make white sausage; later blood Sausage|blood sausage became popular. White sausage has the same ingredients, except for blood.


  • 1250 g barley grouts
  • 750 g meat (bacon)
  • 200 g onions
  • salt (according to taste)
  • pepper (according to taste)
  • marjoram, oregano, caraway
  • ½ litre blood
  • about 10 meters bowels


  1. Cook washed grouts into hot salted water and boil to half-soft.
  2. Cut meat into little pieces and fry it with sliced Onion until they are light golden.
  3. Add to the grouts and boil until the mixture is soft.
  4. Now let the mixture cool and add blood and seasoning.
  5. Fill the bowls (intestines) with the mixture but not hard because blood and grouts swell when the sausages boil. Tie the ends of the sausages with soft string.
  6. Put the sausages into lukewarm water and boil them slowly for about 30 minutes.
  7. Cool the ready sausages quickly down and keep them in a cold place.
  8. Bake or fry before serving. Before frying, put the sausages into warm water.
  9. == Serve with fried bacon, cowberry or cranberry jam or pumpkin salad.
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