Ina Garten’s Spinach & Feta Pie

Ina Garten makes a spinach feta pie.

The Barefoot Contessa whips us a simple savory pie you can make in minutes this Meatless Monday.

Craving the taste of Greek food but can’t quite take a vacation to the Grecian coast? Try this delicious spinach & feta pie instead.

Have you been keeping up with your Meatless Monday promise? We’ve been trying our best here at RecipeHub … but we know it can be a challenge.

Finding delicious, easy to make vegetarian recipes are the best way to stave off the urge to cheat on Meatless Mondays. And have we got another great one for you!

Today, Ina Garten makes a simple savory spinach and feta pie. It’s like bringing a piece of Greece right into your kitchen! The best part is that all it takes it one bowl and one pan—how great is that?

The pro tip of the day that the Barefoot Contessa shares with us is to use pre-made phyllo dough that you can find in your grocery’s freezer section. Trust us, there is no reason not to use this pre-made phyllo because making the stuff requires time and effort!

Another option you can check out is finding a Greek market in your area. They often have pre-made phyllo dough for sale, either fresh or frozen. Phyllo dough is used to make a lot of things in Greek cuisine like spanakopita and baklava, so there should always be some on hand.

Other than the dough, the rest of this is easy as pie! Mix all the ingredients except the phyllo dough in a bowl. Make sure you add that nutmeg for the extra layer of Greek flavor.

Then butter the phyllo dough and place it in the pan (that is oven-safe, remember). Put the spinach-feta mixture into the dough and wrap it up tight. Bake it for an hour and you’re ready to go!

If you’re short on time on Mondays, you can also prepare the pie all the way up until the baking step and store it in the fridge. Then once your get home on Monday, you just have to pop it into the oven and wait for an hour.

Serve this with a nice Greek salad, or with a bowl of delicious olives. It’s a guaranteed hit!

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