Jeff Mauro’s Open Faced Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich


Jeff “The Sandwich King” Mauro shares his recipe for a delicious open-faced Thanksgiving Leftovers sandwich.

Let’s not mince words here, you all know that the best part of Thanksgiving is leftovers. You spend all day the day of preparing food for your loved ones, and the next thing you know, you’re asleep on the couch with a week’s worth of dishes piled in your sink.

The real consolation in making a delicious turkey with all the fixings is that, if you planned correctly, you should have leftovers for weeks to come. We did a little searching and happened across what might possibly be the most delicious sounding use of holiday leftovers, courtesy of Jeff “The Sandwich King” Mauro, with this amazing recipe for open-face turkey sandwiches on a grilled stuffing patty drowned in gravy and sprinkled with fresh crispy bacon. Yes, you heard that right: grilled stuffing patty, turkey, gravy, and bacon.

The real beauty of this recipe is its simplicity: you’re really only cooking the bacon and the sage, everything else is just getting re-heated. The stuffing gets a great crust, the gravy gets a new life with the addition of a few herbs, and the whole experience is lifted by the addition of bacon. You just need the one skillet for all of your cooking needs, and like all good leftover recipes, it only takes a few minutes to get this whole thing ready.

One tip that The Sandwich King doesn’t mention: everything is a little bit better if you warm the turkey a little bit. It isn’t necessary, since both the stuffing and the gravy will be warm, but you don’t want to cool down your experience with fresh-out-of-the-fridge turkey. You can heat it any way you want, in the skillet or the microwave, but it really makes an already delicious recipe that much better.

So take a tip from the king, and enjoy all those leftovers together in perfect harmony with this delicious open-faced sandwich. If you’re feeling generous, you can make enough for the whole family, but this is also a quick and easy snack or solo meal.

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