Damaris Phillips' Beer Cheese And Mac

Damaris Phillips combines delicious beer cheese with pasta and a crisp crust to make this delicious, savory dish. If you don't have enough to drink at your Super Bowl, you can compensate by scooping up some delicious beer cheese & macaroni.

This savory recipe from Damaris Phillips gives national attention to what is already apparently a Kentucky favorite: beer cheese. We'd never heard of it before, but now that we found out about it, we don't know how we lived this long without it.


Just picture this: it's about halftime, you're watching the Super Bowl, the game is close, and your guests are hungry. You've put out some veggies, some wings, maybe even a seven layer dip, but the people are clamoring for something warm. You sneak off at the two minute warning, and as the half winds down, what do you appear with: Beer Cheese & Macaroni.

A cry goes up from the crowd! You have won the day, all with this delicious dish. But don't think this is a Super Bowl-only treat; you can make this for any ol' dinner any time of the year. The rich creamy goodness of melted cheese, pasta, and beer will warm your family from the inside out, and the rich flavors will assure that this dish won't last long.

For you beer aficionados, let your imagination run wild for a second here: think of all the different flavor profiles you could get by simply swapping out different types of beer. You can use any kind you want no matter what, but think about the possibilities of using a stout or a brown ale. Maybe lightening things up with a good crisp pilsner. The possibilities are endless! You can even get crazier and start experimenting with cheeses to complement the beers.

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