Aubergines in Sesame Sauce


  • 2 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 4 small eggplant|aubergines
  • vegetable oil
  • - for deep frying
  • sesame seeds to garnish


1 Browned sesame seeds, pounded with a little soy sauce, make an interesting coating for deep-fried eggplant|aubergines, and give them an added subtlety of flavour.

2 Serve them warm, with a rice dish - or chilled, with a salad meal.

3 In a small heavy pan shake the sesame seeds over a moderate heat, stirring and shaking the pan, for 4-5 minutes until golden.

4 Reserve ¼ tsp of the sesame seeds and transfer the rest to a mortar.

5 Crush them with the soy sauce.

6 Cut the eggplant|aubergines in half lengthwise, and cut each half diagonally into thirds.

7 Deep-fry the eggplant|aubergine in very hot vegetable oil for 1 minute or until just tender.

8 Dry on paper towels.

9 While the eggplant|aubergine is still warm toss it with the sesame mixture.

10 Put on to a serving-dish and garnish with the reserved sesame seeds.
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