Alton Brown's St. Louis Ribs

Alton Brown makes St. Louis style ribs. It's almost summer, so fire up that grill and make a delicious rack of baby back ribs!

Our favorite culinary teacher shows us how to make smoked ribs in a charcoal grill. You won't even notice the difference!


When it comes to good ribs, there is a certain technique and skill that is needed to achieve that finger-smacking goodness. That doesn't mean it has to be difficult though!

Alton Brown breaks down how to make these delicious St. Louis style ribs--and he even uses a charcoal grill instead of a smoker!

First, Alton starts by making a special dry rub that he will adhere to outside of the ribs. Ask any great rib-maker and they will tell you the secret is in their rub, but they won't exactly be quick to share their formula.

Luckily, Alton isn't as tight-lipped and gives us a very basic recipe that can be made right at home. Once that is done, move onto prepping the racks of ribs. He show us a quick trick to remove the gristly membrane from the back of the ribs. We highly recommend you follow this advice.

Then he has a very strict order for applying the rub. First, generously salt both sides of the rack of ribs. Next, apply a good layer of spicy yellow mustard. This will be the "glue" that the dry rub sticks too, as well as a tenderizing agent.

Finally, Alton gives each side of the ribs a generous dusting of the dry rub mixture. Even though it will look thick, as the ribs cook they will absorb the flavor and make a great crust of flavor. After just a few hours, you'll be able to enjoy!

Serve with potato or pasta salad, or even some coleslaw. Some have been known to just eat the ribs!Just don't forget the napkins.

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