Guy Fieri's Roasted Veggie-Stuffed Acorn Squash

Aida Mollenkamp mixes traditional with exotic flavors with her mustard and curry roast lamb. Guy Fieri stuffs veggies with veggies, with amazing success. Learn how he makes this delicious Fall season side dish.

For the man who is best known for his big kickin' flavors, Guy shows a delightfully adept touch when preparing this veggie stuffing, that is stuffed into pre-baked squash halves. He even incorporates the squash seeds themselves to add some crunch.


Having grown up in a family where the only way we ever ate acorn squash was with butter and brown sugar (and then usually more butter), I didn't realize that there was actually a healthy way to prepare them. Guy stuffs all sorts of fresh veggies into his acorn squash, and just tops with a little goat cheese to dial up a delightful richness to the dish.

The best pointer we can give when making this dish is to remember just how much your veggies will cook down. As you can see in the video, Guy has a heaping full skillet of veggies, but once they cook down, it's just scarcely enough to fill the four squash. Also, allow the cabbage to wilt down with the peppers before you add the mushrooms, otherwise you'll either end up with really crispy cabbage, or really soggy mushrooms, neither of which you want.

Finally, this is a recipe that requires a fairly close eye on the clock: the squash need to roast on their own for half an hour, while the cook time for the rest of your veggies is closer to about twelve minutes. Make sure to get the squash in first, and give it a little time before you start cooking your veggies. Depending on your knife skills and comfort level, you should just about be able to prep and cut up your veggies in the first fifteen minutes that your squash are cooking.

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