Bobby Deen’s Sarsaparilla Citrus Holiday Ham Glaze

On Not My Mama's Meals, Bobby gives us an alternative recipe for a delicious sarsaparilla-based ham glaze.

Take some of the sticky sweetness out of Paula Deen’s traditional cola-glazed ham with this fresh, light alternative from her son Bobby!

Nothing says “holiday dinner” like a tasty glazed ham, with its sweet and savory taste as well as its low stress cooking process. Rather than going out and buying a pre-baked ham, make this simple, straightforward glaze and cook your holiday ham yourself.

The prep is simple, even to kitchen novices: score your ham to allow for maximum flavor absorption, and combine the few ingredients in a pan over medium heat. You don’t even have to cook or reduce the glaze, you are just warming it up so that the sugars melt and everything combines nicely. Then just pour the mixture over your scored ham and bake it at 325 degrees, cooking 15 minutes for every pound, basting occasionally.

In the video, they obviously prepare a whole ham, but if you’re cooking for a smaller group, you can either make a batch and reserve some for later, or just cut your recipe down. Plus, as Bobby highlights in this video, unlike classic cola glazes, this sarsaparilla glaze has fewer calories and less sugar, meaning it’s ever so slightly healthier than traditional glazes.

Wow your family and company with your culinary prowess, cut a few calories from the classic cola-glazed ham, and fill your house with the delicious smell of cooking ham this holiday season. Everyone will appreciate the effort, and you’ll have delicious fresh glazed ham for the whole family!

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